Welcome to Connected Communities Association

You are bigger, when you're connected is a reference to the tiers of associations when community organisations are applying for funding and grants.

As you will know, even to apply for the smallest of grants, you must be Incorporated and that means having 6 people on the committee.

As many of you will also know, acquitting a very small grant can be very onerous on a committee that is focused on supporting its members, not on governance and accounting.

What if, you could have just 1 Leader and 1 delegate and 0 Aquital and Accounting headaches...... and instead of only being eligible for a few thousand dollars, you could be in the pool for the share of a few HUNDRED thousand dollars.

Have we got your Attention Now!

Over the coming weeks and months, if you have been directed to this membership site, you will begin to see articles and newsletters about Connected Communities and Asset Based Community Development.

But for now, bookmark the page and wait for our FREE membership page to come on stream.

Kindest regards

Allan Connolly - Executive Director
Moy Coomer - Interim Chair